mysqldump dump table or database

mysqldump dump database: The mysqldump dump table or database helps to back up the database or table. The database is the backbone of every application in today’s world. When it comes to the database there is some major DBMS software like MySQL. Now for safety people usually takes the backup of the database. DBA sets

Sleep Query in MySQL Database

Sleep Query in MySQL Database can be seen when we use the SHOW FULL PROCESSLIST. It shows currently running queries on the database. The question is why some sleeping queries are created, how long they wait the queries exist and their impact on the Server.

Mysql high CPU usage

The MySQL high CPU usage is caused due to some of the common reasons like table fragmentation, slow queries, lock waits, etc. We will see some common ways to minimize CPU usage percent.

Functional Component in React

The functional component in React will teach y’ all about how functional components are created. Where these functional components are useful.

Understanding React with JSX

Understanding React with JSX post have some key point related to usage of JSX inside the react code.How to implement JSX inside the React.In react mostly you can find the syntax which you cant find in normal javascript.This syntax is neither string nor HTML

React most commonly used lifecycle methods

React most commonly used lifecycle methods which we will find most commonly in project development.As we have seen in the last post we have seen lifecycle states mounting ,updating and unmounting.

The React Component Lifecycle

The React Component Lifecycle has three phases. While rendering the component it goes through the mouting,updating and unmounting phases

Understanding React component

Understanding react Component we will learn about the component and its type and stateful and stateless bifurcation. It is most important concept of react There are two types of components functional and class These two types of components are called stateless and stateful components

Understanding React folder Structure

React folder structure will teach you about the folder structure of react and what it contains.When we install create_react_app from  using npm following things happen 1. it download the structure for react 2. public/index.html is the page template 3. src/index.js is the JavaScript entry point.

Reference and Primitive Types in ES6

Reference and Primitive Types in ES6 tutorial we will learn about the reference datatypes array,object etc and primitive datatypes like int boolean etc