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CodeIgniter custom library implementation

CodeIgniter custom library helps us to write our own library. The System libraries are in system/libraries/ and custom libraries is at application/libraries. There are three ways we can create own custom library: By creating new library By extending the native libraries like CI_Email By Replacing the Native libraries like CI_Email 1. By creating new library

Loading Content of one view in to another CodeIgnitor

Loading content of one view to another in Codeigniter Here we are loading Codeigniter views within other views.The views can be nested in Codeignitor or we can inject one view html to another view or views can be simultaneously loaded.It is also called the nesting of view in Codeignitor.

Adding url helper in CodeIgnitor

URL helper in Codeignitor The redirect statement in Codeignitor sends the use to specified web page.To achieve this Codeignitor has URL helper which is used to redirect to specified page.

Creating custom helper in CodeIgnitor

For creating custom helper we have to create .php file and put it in application/helpers/ and we will call it as My_helper.php  and putting some function inside.Lets see the demonstration

Send Email in CodeIgnitor

Send Email in CodeIgnitor For Send  Email using CodeIgnitor, The CodeIgnitor provided with library called email. For Sending the email we have to load  $this->load->library(‘email‘) library and start using its features.

Loading Model inside Model CodeIgnitor

As we know that model is a class where write the business logic and sometimes the scenarios like want to call a method from the another model instead of making redundant code we just call that method from the another model.Model inside model approach where we can use the method of other model by just

Ajax call with Codeignitor

Ajax wih Codeignitor approach for making asynchronous call to Codeignitor function. Ajax call with Codeignitor is important aspect while creating the application we can do ajax call in Codeignitor with get and post methods.

Codeignitor config files

Codeignitor config files are used to write the common configuration.There is two type of config file one is primary config file located in application/config/config.php and other is custom config files.Create Config file MySettings.php under application/config/MySettings.php.

Loading Codeignitor model in controller

CodeIgnitor Framework follows the model view controller approach. Codeignitor Model is class where business logic is written.Here we are going to to load model in controller. Lets begin.