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Simple pagination code in php

Suppose we have multiple records but we want to show only some records then we follow the techniques of pagination.It is for the purpose of not creating multiple pages. Just click on the page number then it shows subsequent records only. Lets see the example in php   [crayon-5e8446635d233192259650/] Sql file for the example [crayon-5e8446635d260822426687/]

QR code generation using php with google API

Google provide QR code API. We can use that using php. While Scanning the QR code code we get specific information. here chl is the url-encoded string you have to Add into a QR code.the choe is the (optional) encoding.

Cross Domain Session Sharing in PHP

In this tutorial we are going to learn about Cross Domain Session Sharing  from one domain to another domain. Cross domain session transfer.

Create csv file in php

We can create csv file in php as simple as we create other file the difference is that php has special function for csv is fputcsv function which is put the content to csv file.For putting the content of csv we need to open file in write mode using fopen function.

Creating zip file in php

Here in this example we are Creating zip file in php using ZipArchive class.On server suppose we want to download the folder which contains multiple files.It is time consuming for user to download single file basis.Instead of that when zip the whole folder and we can download once.

dompdf in PHP for creating pdf files

We have html and we want to convert that html to pdf using dompdf in PHP. Then there are lots of libraries we can find. But most powerful and robust is Dompdf library. First of all download this library from the github. From the following link. The best thing in this library is that we can render the whole html code external style sheet link inline style attribute of

Integrating payu money with php

In this tutorial we are Integrating payu money with php. First of all we are integrating third party API. Most of the website today require to have transaction to be online. So pay you money is a payment gateway. we can use for the transaction. But the question arises how to integrate pays money. First of all you have to download pay money integration with PHP from the pay money official site.

last day of month in php

Getting last day of month in php, datetime object,cal_days_in_month.We can pick one of the solution based on our requirement.As we want object oriented approach then go for object oriented and for procedure oriented go for procedure oriented approach.

Remove non-alphanumeric characters in php

Remove non-alphanumeric characters in php here use functions like preg_replace function and ereg_replace function .These function has to pass regex which replace the charecters with empty charecter.

Parsing JSON file with PHP

Parsing JSON file with PHP there are two ways because simple json string and complex json string which can be parsed based on json string type.For simple json string we use traverse string without recursive iterator and but for complex one we use recursive iterator