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Combining ZF3 Configuration Files

ZF3 configuration files are written for configuration of Zend framework Application.When application is created then module provided configuration and extra configuration files from APP_DIR/config/autoload directory are being merged into one big nested array every configuration parameter becomes available to any piece of the website.


Zend Framework 3 module config file which is module.config.php called module level configuration.Application module shipped with your application has the module.config.php file, in which you put your module-specific parameters.register the module’s controllers, put information about routing rules for mapping URLs to your controllers, register controller plugins, and also register view templates and view helpers

Zend Framework 3 Application Configuration file

Zend Framework 3 Application configuration file  has database connection credentials ,the modules  and some custom parameters.Application level configuration covers whole app.

Zend Framework 3 Events and Application Life Cycle

Zend Framework 3 Events are bootstrap event which is application level trigger and module has given chance to register himself.Route event is analyzed by router class.Dispatch check on which action to dispatch.Render decides which view template to render.Finish sent back response to browser.

Zend Framework 3 Class Autoloading

Zend Framework 3 Class Autoloading feature helps to autoload multiple files which no need to include and require. When we want to use the class then that class should be include or require in your code.It is ok when there are few files to include or require but when it comes handy when there are

Zend Framework 3 Interface implementation

Zend Framework 3 interface define class behavior, but without providing the implementation of such a behavior.It is contract between class and Interface.Interface defines the method to implement.Interfaces are defined as same way as class but followed by Interface keyword.Interface Method should be public.

Zend Framework 3 namespacing usage

Zend Framework 3 namespacing uses a PHP language feature called namespaces. Solve collision between code Components, provide you with the ability to make the long names shorter, A namespace is a container for a group of names.

Zend Framework 3 Skeleton Application Installation

The Zend Framework 3 skeleton application code is available publicly on github. But it is not recomonded to directly download it from github just go for composer dependency manager.

Comparison of Zend Framework 2 and Zend Framework 3

Comparison of Zend Framework 2 and Zend Framework 3 As we use frameworks in project development then there is new changes in version of frameworks. As the changes are done then migration is important concept which is very useful to migrate from previous version to next.In this tutorial we are going to learn about the

Zend Framework 3 Security features

Zend Framework 3 security includes  uses best practices for security all the features that are said here are strongly used in developing web application.Each feature has its unique capability which is used to overcome the security problem that occur in core php.As we know that security is important aspect while developing web application.