mysqldump dump table or database

mysqldump dump database:

The mysqldump dump table or database helps to back up the database or table. The database is the backbone of every application in today’s world. When it comes to the database there is some major DBMS software like MySQL. Now for safety people usually takes the backup of the database. DBA sets a cron job to get the backup of the database. If something wrongs happen to the database we should have a backup to restore it again.

mysqldump is backup utility

mysqldump dump database

Get full database dump

mysqldump dump schema only database

Get database schema only

mysqldump with where clause

Get specific records from a table in the dump

mysqldump selective tables

Get selective tables from the database dump


mysqldump get the schema of tables or tables

When we specify -d in dump it means no data. We can use –no-data also instead of -d.

Or for multiple tables schema

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